Plans for 2008…


…the spending kind, because I’d rather not talk about my plans to graduate from college (which I am sabotaging from the inside, since I’m not attending any classes and I still haven’t met the wonderful teacher who will guide me through the complications of my graduation paper – for anyone interested, it’s about Romania’s external debt *haha* ).

So, next year I want to spend 2 weeks in a foreign country (it’s still TBD where and with who, since I have a funny feeling that my dear-dear friends will all have different plans), i want to read every single book I bought this year (no easy feat, since I’ve become the slowest reader in the world)…and I want to go to these concerts : Lenny Kravitz (july 26), B’estfest (july 4-6, if the lineup will be worth it; last year it wasn’t 😉 ) and Kylie (May 17th, because my dad wants to go and I couldn’t let him go alone…I’m such a priceless daughter *yeah, I’m kidding* ).

My laziness only rivals the one of the famous cute & cuddly orange cat seen in above picture….


~ by ameer on December 18, 2007.

One Response to “Plans for 2008…”

  1. Such a wonderful life dear Garfield is leading. I envy him.

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