Catch 22 and a Christmas tale


’twas the week before Christmas. The streets were quiet (because everyone spent their free time in the nonstop hypermarkets *the greatest thing since bread came sliced* at 5am), the wind was blowing and I was freezing my ass off on my way to work. As I ran toward the overcrowded, stuffy subway, I reached for my bag and pulled out my book. I always do that, I read on the subway, I find it’s somewhat easier to concentrate with all the people around. I turned on my Ipod and cursed at the stupid idea I had last night to put “various artists” on it as soon as Spandau Ballet started playing. And then I opened the book and read about the Bologna siege.

Yes, I’m reading Catch-22 because it seemed like something I had to do, since it’s always on the “classics” lists. So far, it’s not going that good. The dialogue is catchy, the idea is brilliant, the circular (i)logic of it all is somewhat mind-boggling…but there’s just something that’s missing (don’t know what yet, and I’m almost halfway through the book). Maybe I’ll find something more insightful to say when I’m done, or maybe I’ll just prove that I didn’t get it, but I still have one fun fact: Col. Flagg (CID), in M*A*S*H leaves the room in unexpected ways, and at one particular time he jumps through a window, which is exactly what a CID-man does this book. Actually, all the military banter somewhat reminds me of the early-days M*A*S*H…

Oh, yeah, my Christmas tale….Ep 1: ’twas the week before Christmas, and in a magical land far-far-away this little pig was in a hurry…which got all the other creatures of the forest to wonder why, and where and how. You should stay tuned for the next episodes… 😉

*Disclaimer: i didn’t use the “creatures of the forest” term in a negative way; me, I think it would be good if the little pig were treated like the rest of us creatures 😀 *


~ by ameer on December 19, 2007.

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