Short break…

…so short, that I’m not even gonna look for a picture 😀 .  As I was studying, just 5 minutes ago, I thought I’d like to share the first phrase from my book….and maybe you can guess what book it is 😉 :

“Dilema existentiala care contrapune primatului material pe cel spiritual ar putea fi transpusa in plan economic prin optiunea dintre bunuri si idei, ca sursa primordiala a avutiei si dezvoltarii unei natiuni”  (I would have translated it, but this is a short break 😉 )

 Now, I’m a simple girl, but I do fancy some big words every now and then…still, when it comes to a book that’s supposed to deal with exact science (and economics is an exact science, right?) what the hell do I need “existential dilemmas” for?? :-O Well, it’s easy, I don’t, but my teacher seems to think that it’s so much better to use 450 pages to explain something that could be said in 200 pages (instead of leaving the rest for whoever decides is up for extensive reading – which would automatically uninclude me 😀 ).

 And now, back to the gallows 😉

 Uh-oh, I almost forgot that I have one of those aforementioned dilemmas of my own 😉 : Is “exact science” a pleonasm? Can science be anything but exact? 😀


~ by ameer on January 9, 2008.

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