Welcome to the real world


Today, my best friend, my oldest friend, my soul-sister if you will, got her first job. Today, she got the phonecall that says: “We’d be happy to work with you”. And she said “Umm…yea, me too”. No, I don’t really know what she said, but that’s what I think she said. Eversince we left for university, she’s been saying how she wants to put off having a job as much as she could. After all, there are 40 years ahead in which to work your ass off, she said. And she was right, like she always is. Me, I’ve been working steadily for 10 months, and I had another job in my 2nd year of university (which lasted for 3 months, until I quit, because I totally hated it). Anyway, point is, I’ve been living vicariously, sort of. And now, all that is over. It’s the end of an era (a lot of endings lately). It’s time for us to grow up.

Welcome to the real world, paduke 🙂


~ by ameer on March 10, 2008.

One Response to “Welcome to the real world”

  1. Hei, I have red Converse too! 😛

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