I love book sales. I really love book sales. And book fairs…at least it the word means what I think it means. I’m too lazy to look it up 😀 About 3 or 4 times a year there is a book fair in Bucharest, and since I’ve moved here, I went to every single one. When I go to a bookshop, I usually don’t buy more than 2 or 3 books at once; when I go to book fairs, I buy 10 or more. At once. No idea why. I see all these book in one place, and I just have to have them. Maybe it’s a compulsion 😀

Anyways, these days I’m really broke (ummm….I also had to have new shoes, new pants, new shirts and a vacuum cleaner. I think I might be addicted to shopping. I don’t see a good future for me 😉 ), so I went to the with no big expectations. And I came back with 5 books 😀 :

Carson McCullers – Rasfrangeri intr’un ochi de aur

Stephane Audeguy – Teoria norilor

Robert Musil – Ratacirile elevului Torless

Haruki Murakami – In cautarea oii fantastice

Arto Paasilinna – Morarul care urla la luna (my vey first step in Finnish literature; I’m actually very curious).

Mmm….that’s all. I’m too lazy to translate or look for the original titles. But I’m pretty happy with my shopping 🙂

LATER EDIT: More bookshopping; Saturday I went to Anthony Frost and, since it’s impossible to leave that place without a book, I left with 2 😉

Jonathan Safran Foer – Everything is illuminated

Hanif Kureishi – Buddha of Suburbia (I’ve been waiting to get this book for ages, so yaaai!! 😀 )


~ by ameer on March 13, 2008.

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