just a random bunch of movies

Long weekend, loads of time and a 10 hour wait (unsuccessful wait – grrrrr ) for the RDS people…so what’s a girl to do? 😀


Jezebel(1938) Bette Davies and Henry Fonda, directed by William Wyler. Hmm…a different kind of Scarlett? Set in the pre-Civil War South, Julie, a classic, spoilt Southern belle, loses her fiancee on account of her stubborn, headstrong persona. Her plot to win him over once more, after he is married, will result in some terrible and unforeseen consequences. The movie had me really gripped at times. 🙂 


Only angels have wings (1939), Cary Grant and Howards Hawks had me watch this movie. And I was bored-bored-bored! The most interesting thing about it, actually, is that Hawks himself was a pilot who parachuted himself from a burning plane. His co-pilot died, and he was a castaway amongst the other pilots, following the incident – the same as one of the characters in the movie – Bat Kilgallen.


The treasure of Sierra Madre (1948). Bogart directed by John Houston. I’ve had this movie for ages, but I kept avoiding to see it because the mere idea of western bored me to death. But I was so, so wrong. It’s not just a western, it’s also a bit of a thriller, and a bit of a character study – the degradation of Fred C. Dobbs, from the moment he sets his eyes on the gold. Looking at it now, you can say it’s been done and done over and over again, but it was 1948…and it still stands.


The third man (1949): A Graham Greene adaptation, starring Orson Wells and Joseph Cotten. I really enjoy reading Mr. Greene’s novels (and the movies made after them – The quiet American, The end of the affair), and this one was no exception: a little intrigue, a little suspense, a little action, a little of everything in perfect amounts 🙂 . And there is mention of a Romanian, a Mr. Popescu (how well researched ;)) ), a jovial man, fat and with a funny moustache, who speaks English with a german accent 😀 .


In a lonely place(1950) I’ve seen quite a lot of Bogart’s movies lately, and this, together with “To have and have not” or “The big sleep” is definitely one of my favourites. I was really caught by the story, and the character he plays is the most…complex I’ve seen him play (yet..and maybe it’s useful, at this point, to say I hated “Casablanca”? 😀 ). I’m only sorry Lauren Bacall didn’t star with him, they have such an amazing chemistry 😉


Strangers on a train (1951). Hitchcook, film noir, suspense. A accidental meeting on the train can change your life forever…so be careful who you talk to 😉 Really interesting and entertaining.


Sabrina (1954): Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart…now that’s a treat 🙂 Plus, I don’t remember seeing the 1995 remake (with Julia Ormond and Harrison Ford); for which I can only say…yeeei for me 😉 I’m sorry to say, but I don’t think anyone can replace Audrey Hepburn. It’s a cute romantic comedy; Mr. Bogart seems a bit out of place here – I think he’s a loot better in the firm-noir genre, but he still has his natural charm. And Ms. Hepburn is radiant, as always.


The Virgin Suicides (1999), Sofia Copolla’s adaptation of Jefferey Eugenides’s novel (which I haven’t read). A bit awkward, a strange, sad story.


Only you(1994) Marisa Tomei, Robert Downey jr. … and a bit of a chick flick. Funny, but I’ve seen better. Moving on…


From dusk till dawn (1996) : Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, George Clooney (in his ER-era; some say that this movie launched his career, so there’s at least one good excuse for it 😉 ) and vampires – I simply should have known better. Actually, I spent most of my time im-ing during this movie 😀 . A lot of people consider it a “cult” movie, so maybe there’s something I’m missing. It starts right, but, about half way through it makes a sudden shift into nothing more than a vampire slaughter


Requiem for a dream (2000) Darren Aronofky is brilliant, Ellen Burstyn was never better, and I had no idea Jared Leto is that good. This movie deserves all the praise it can get. It’s a movie about drug addiction, about estrangement, about loneliness, misguided drive and ambition. It doesn’t come as a shock that no one ends well, that they all lose something, be it innocence, freedom, sanity or an arm. It’s definitely a must-see 😉


The waster horse – the legend of the deep (2008). A good family movie – it says so everywhere, and it’s true. The baby water horse is very cute 😀 Otherwise, an average movie, if you have 2 hours to spare.

~ by ameer on March 24, 2008.

7 Responses to “just a random bunch of movies”

  1. Oh my goddiness! Have you seen all these movies during the weekend? I’ve seen Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears a Who (’cause it’s spring break!).

    I simply love Audrey Hepburn. I’ve seen Sabrina a few months ago, after I’ve met a girl named Sabrina. But My Fair Lady is one of my favo(u)rite movies (not to say my favorite movie)…

  2. Hmm, it was actually a long 3 day-weekend :))
    And I loved My Fair lady too, although I’m really not into musicals 😀

  3. am vaz majoritatea filmelor clasice din lista ta de mai sus. iti recomand to have and have not – cu bogart si bacall si roman holiday – audrey si gregory peck, daca nu l-ai vaz inca (my all time favorite movie) 😀

    hmm…cred ca ar trebui sa contorizez si eu ultimele filme vazute 😕


  4. Am vazut ambele 😉 To have and to have not e unul din oldies-urile mele preferate 😀

  5. N-am vazut From Duck Till Dawn si-mi vine sa ma automutilez pentru asta. :))))) Tarantino, my love. Si da, tocmai twist-ul ala il face genial pe mai-sus-numitul. Sau in alte filme, cel putin, tre` sa vad si eu ce-i de capul astuia. 🙂

  6. @Roxa: Pai fugi si vezi 😛 Si chiar sunt curioasa ce parere o sa ai dupa 😉 Io zic ca e mai mult Rodriguez decat Tarantino in filmu’ asta 😀

  7. dacă te-a impresionat requiem for a dream, s-ar putea să-ţi placă şi pi 😉
    tot de aronofsky

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