Los Amigos del Crimen Perfecto


There isn’t really a lot to be said about this book. Except to retell the plot, of course. So good thing I haven’t yet read the last 30 pages, because I won’t spoil anyone’s surprise…I mean, we’ve seen where it’s going for the last 70 pgs, but I keep expecting some kind of surprise. I think it’s a Lost induced symptom; everything it supposed to turn around at the last minute 😛

This 3-part story deals with a small group of friends who share a common hobby: police novels and the search for the perfect crime. The first part in centered around the personal life of Francisco (Paco) Cortes, one of the founding members of the group and a crime novel writer himself. His passion has destroyed him marriage, but now, after another fight with his editor, he has firmly decided to quit writing, to the amazement of his friends.

The 2nd part tells the story of the “Amigos del Crimen Perfecto” club, who have met every Thursday for 20 years in the Comercial Cafe, to discuss their hobbies. Each member has a nickname related to the fictional world of crime; Paco, for example, is Sam Spade, while the other characters range from Poe to Marlowe or Mrs. Marple. We continue to follow Paco’s life (how he makes up with his wife, how they befriend young Poe and his Danish girlfriend Hanna, and how he fights with his father in law) and Poe’s (his friendship with Marlowe, the loss of his father, his relationship with Hanna).

And finally, in the 3rd part, we have the murder: Paco’s father in law. When the ACP members are all interrogated as Paco is deemed suspect no 1, the club splits. Paco is later released and he tries, together with 2 former fellow ACP-ers, to find the criminal. As a background to all this, there is the pain and the consequences of the civil war and of Franco‘s dictatorship are oozing through every crack in the book 😉

The action expands throughout 2 years and it isn’t, in my opinion, very…cohesive. Plus, most of the characters are sketchy, which, I suppose, has a lot to do with a detective story, although “Los Amigos del Crimen Perfecto” is a little more complex than that. My favourite thing was, however, the rise and fall of ACP (my favourite, not in an “intellectual” way, but in an “emotional” way 😀 ) This kind of stories always touch me; probably because I find it very easy to relate to them…

All in all, it was a nice (which is such a empty word, really 😉 ), relaxing read. And I’m curious about the “who done it” 😀

~ by ameer on April 3, 2008.

2 Responses to “Los Amigos del Crimen Perfecto”

  1. Tanjesc sa citesc o carte care sa ma faca sa nu o las din mana. Is extrem de ocupata in perioada asta, dar in acelsi timp mi-e tare dor de sentimentul pe care il ai cand citesti o carte cu adevarat buna. Cum am patit de curand cu Se una notte d’inverno un viaggiatore, a lui Italo Calvino.
    Cu Los Amigos del Crimen Perfecto nu cred ca as reusi sa retraiesc sentimentul acela. Sugestii?

  2. Hmm…ultima data cand mi s’a intamplat asta a fost cu “Never let me go” a lui Kazuo Ishiguro, care e o carte cu adevarat superba. Io zic s’o incerci, daca n’ai citit’o deja 😉

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