…this city is just not that bad 🙂 When it’s spring and less than 25 C 😀


       ( Even if I had to edit out public toilets, trucks, dirt and ugly buildings out of a couple of pics 😉 )


~ by ameer on April 16, 2008.

7 Responses to “Sometimes…”

  1. hehe, am si eu din-astea, cateva. ce parc e?

  2. Tineretului 😀 Numai ca am mers duminica,dupa ce a batut vantul si a scuturat cam toti copacii 😦

  3. Asta am facut si eu ieri si azi sper sa continui… le pun si eu sus in curand!

  4. hm…eu stau chiar langa parc. e de rau daca nu l-am recunoscut? 😛

  5. @Alin: E de bine, sunt atat de misto pozele ca nici localnicii nu’l mai recunosc 😀 (kidding, of course 😉 )

  6. In ce parc au fost facute pozele?

  7. @MVS: Tineretului, in Bucuresti 🙂

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