Something old, something new…

I was home for Easter. That’s where the pictures are from – bits and pieces of “home” 😀

But, between all the eating and the family gatherings I’ve seen this – one of the few reasons I actually miss not having a TV of my own. Every once in a while a great match like that comes along, and usually all I can do is follow the scores and read the articles. But I miss the excitement and the anticipation of a really good hit or even of a unexpected mistake. It’s one of the few (maybe the only one) sports I enjoy watching.

And this morning, 3 things happened that really got me in a rotten mood: I caught a cold (it’s almost summer and I’m sick 😐 ), a concert I had tickets for was postponed and I started a book which will go right back on the shelf a.s.a.p. The concert thing – Stereophonics was pushed back to July 6th. And while it’s really great that I still have Kaiser Chiefs and Manics on the 5th, I wanted to see the Stereophonics too. There’s no one else I want to see on the 6th – just like there’s no one else I want to see on the 4th (and I’m gonna miss Alanis Morisette). Plus, even if i got a ticket for the 6th, I still wouldn’t have who to go with. Mad, mad, mad, maaaaaaaad & annoyed. It was just too good to be true, wasn’t it?

The book thing – it rarely happends and I don’t like starting a book and not finishing it. Even if I’m not too keen on it, I’ll stick it out. But this time, I’m not in the mood. I read 20 pages and it’ll be a long time until I try again. If ever.

That’s a bit of ranting for you today. Tomorrow – something about a book I actually finished 😛


~ by ameer on April 30, 2008.

8 Responses to “Something old, something new…”

  1. I`m there the whole festival, and it`s pointless to miss Stereophonics just because of that. I`ll go with you and we`ll scream together. And that band really deserves another 90 RON. Come on, please ! 😀

  2. Hehe, careful what you say, I just might take you up on it 😉

  3. :-w I mean it, dammit. Ionuca will be there the whole fest, too. C`mon. :>

  4. Going. Buying. Will be seeing ya then 😉

  5. Great ! 😀

  6. Hey! Great pictures!

  7. Yes, yes, I’m going to be there, honey! Don’t you dare miss the show! And don’t tell you haven’t listened to Nouvelle Vague 😛

  8. Ummm :-S , when I heard they were gonna be there on the 5th I listened to something on utube. was pretty interesting, i’m not sorry i’m gonna see them 😉

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