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Big stuff happening these days for Sir (I think 😀 ) Salman: “Midnight Children” was again voted the best book to win the Bookers in 40 years. The Guardian and New York Times (and many other papers which I don’t really read 😀 ) covered the win; plus, The Guardian did an interview with him and organized a special Book Club event in London, with Mr. Rushdie as a guest (good time to be in London….)

And, since I mentioned Kafka in the other post, The Guardian (yes, again, I really don’t read many papers 😛 ) has a very good story about the writer’s newly found papers.

Also, Entertainment Weekly’s “100 best since 1983” series landed on books this week, and here’s their Top 25. It’s not a very good top, and not very relevant for non-Americans (mainly because it features mostly US authors and only European bestsellers), but it’s fun to browse through. Spoiler!!! :)) Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire (which is actually my least favorite Harry Potter book – if I were forced to choose) was at no. 2 😛

LATER EDIT: Master and Margarita – the graphic novel. Again, from The Guardian. Personally, this is no reason to get excited, not everything’s meant to be “graphic” – but perhaps I’m too conservative. Anyways, what do you guys think?

~ by ameer on July 11, 2008.

2 Responses to “Browsing”

  1. Inca o data ma enervez pe anglo-americani care, inca o data, isi promoveaza de minune romanele. NU spun ca Copiii din… nu e o carte de valoare, dar mie mi se pare calchiata dupa Toba de tinichea a lui Grass. Nu stiu ce entuziasmeaza ata la aceasta carte, in afara incidentului cu Khomeini… Ma gandesc ca Rushdie incepe e deja un brand – e faina si ironica scena din Jurnalul lui Bridget Jones cu Rushdie (nu stiu daca e si in carte)…
    In fine, felicitari lui Rushdie, dar ma indoiesc ca e mai bun decat Murdoch… dar sunt subiectiv…

  2. Incidentul cu Khomeini nu avea legatura cu Midnight Children – care a luat Bookerul atunci cand a aparut – in 1981. Pe mine m’a entuziasmat, dar cred ca, pana la urma, tine si de gust, ca doar nu e obligatoriu sa placa tuturora 😉 .
    Pentru mine, stilul lui Rushdie, pe jumatate serios, pe jumatate glumet si ironic – mai ales cand e vorba de lucruri serioase -, limbajul lui intortocheat si foarte senzorial, personajele fantastice si exotice…totul este spellbinding.

    Iar scena din Bridget…chiar nu’mi pot aminti daca aparea si in carte. Dar era faina ;))

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