was going to… – Golem

I was going to write about Gustav Meyrink’s Golem today. It was going to be a good, well rounded, bullet pointed post. Yup, I had it all in my mind. Unfortunately, when I opened the blank page, nothing good came, out, so I started going through Wikipedia. And I realised that I’m never gonna write about this book. I have absolutely not one tiny thing that I can say. Not one. No personal opinion. Which is odd, I usually have opinions (even the stupid and unfounded ones count 😀 ), but this time…nothing. Nothing. Go here and read about the legend of the Golem, here and read about Meyrink’s odd life pursuits and here about the book and its plot (there’s a Bookblog post on it too). I still have 10 more pages to go, I know nothing about Kabbala, Golden Dawn or tarot, I just followed the plot, and kept away from all those other things and murky waters.

Meyrink’s compared to Poe, but to me, Poe is much more transparent. I get him, I used to read his stories in highschool and I really enjoyed them. But I know I’ll never read another book by Meyrink, just like I know I’ll never get interested in all that spiritual stuff. It’s just not my cup of tea, and I’m the first to say where my limits are. In fact, the only reason I got & read this book is Prague. I haven’t travelled all that much, but, out of all the places I’ve been, Prague is, by far, the most dear to me. I’ve been there for 4 days but I actually miss it and I can’t wait to go back there – it’s that beautiful and fascinating.

So…I don’t know about the book, but the city – I’d recommend to anyone. 😉

PS: For the next book – I just might spit out a real post 😛


~ by ameer on August 6, 2008.

2 Responses to “was going to… – Golem”

  1. Am si eu o pasiune pentru Praga. Am ajuns acolo anul trecut, dar numai in trecere, pe fuga. Daca ajung sa stau 3 luni la Paris, sigur o sa reusesc sa stau si 10 zile in Praga. Vise si iar vise…

  2. Mda, si eu tot cam pe fuga, Praga trebe savurata 😉 Io tot sper ca anul viitor o sa ajung sa stau mai mult pe acolo 😀

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