One of those posts that I do when there’s nothing better on…

I have a camera on loan for a couple of month (yeah, I never got around to getting my own), so now I take pictures of all that dares cross my path 😛 Well…maybe not all, but these are a couple of pics I’ve been meaning to post for a while:

Tickets for Leonard Cohen, in sept: I got the cheap kind, because there’s no way I’m paying 100 euros (almost) for the front row – plus, I like to be in the crowd, not up there where there’s seats. Even for a mellow guy, like Mr. Cohen 😉 Seriously, I can’t wait 😀



My very very messy & tiny bookcase. But it’s mine – well, at least the books are, coz the furniture sure isn’t 😀 It’s just the beginning though – the beginning of a beautiful friendship (way too cheesy, I know :P)



And the street – as seen from my window. Nothing special, but I’ve taken pictures everywhere I lived, so it’s a tradition by now ;))

~ by ameer on August 7, 2008.

3 Responses to “One of those posts that I do when there’s nothing better on…”

  1. Tks for sharing these pictures with… well… us! I get to know another face of Ameer, now that I’ve seen another tiny part of your life.
    From time to time is nice to post this kind of things.

  2. I like your books. But most of all, Zece negri mititei.
    Did you read Naipaul? How is it?
    Did you write here about Pynchin’s V?

  3. V – I started it, read about 10 pags, and put it right back up on that shelf. I rarely do that, if i don’t like a book, I usually stick it out to the end. This one, I particularly hated. But maybe it just wasn’t the right time for it 😀

    Naipaul – not just yet, but I’m really looking forward to it.

    Agatha Christie is great 😉

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