The papers over (afternoon) coffee

But first thing’s first: I actually wanted to leave behind a review, and it was going to be about a great holiday book (which I haven’t yet finished, thus this messy posting 😀 ): Interesting Times, by Terry Pratchett. My very first Terry Pratchett book. Technically though, it’s not the first; he co-wrote Good Omens with Neil Gaiman, and that was my introduction to both authors. But, no matter, the book is great fun, I love the Pratchett brand of humor and I’ll leave you with a Wiki link for the book; wiki surely knows more than I do about the Discworld. But I’m thinking I should start reading all the Discworld novels in the order in which they came out…and spread them over the next few years. Something to look forward to 😉

As for the papers…just a couple of links today: Michel Houllebecq has caught that celebrity syndrome that make you believe you can do anything: he’s directing a movie based on one of his books. Apparently, critics weren’t happy with the results, so he cancelled a press conference. Which is, of course, the proper way to handle these kind of situations 😀 I really don’t like the guy – not his books, not his public persona.

In the movies department, Entertainment Weekly has 20 (US) movies to look forward to this autumn. I did a post on that some time ago…and I caught some of the movies they have on their list. And now that I look back on my own list, I think they could have added some of those flicks too 😀 . Also, does anyone know what the appeal of Shia leBoeuf is? Coz I just don’t see it 😛

The Guardian has a funny picture gallery, where GW Bush’s visit to China got the lolcats treatment. We’ll also have a movie about him this fall…did Oliver Stone want to be the first in line for this? Why so soon; I mean, he doesn’t even let the man finish his presidency…is this ok now? 😀 Also in pseudo-politics, I’ve gotten the Daily Show/Colbert Report bug – and I watch the shows every day. Hilarious…most of the times. Don’t like Rob Riggle though 😛

Oh, almost forgot: Alin & Robert have a book forum; it’s kinda cool, so check it out 😉

Now…that’s that. It’s August, it’s about 37C outside and I am going on holiday tomorrow. Still debating over whether I’m taking the laptop or not, but even if I do, I doubt I’ll be writing from there. When I get back, I hope to have read Jonathan Franzen’s The corrections. And nice suntan. And pictures.

See you in 2 weeks! 🙂


~ by ameer on August 14, 2008.

4 Responses to “The papers over (afternoon) coffee”

  1. Sooo happy that you like Interesting times! I can hardly wait for you to become a whore for Pratchett 😀 😀 😀

    Have lots of fun and take pics for the ones you leave behind 🙂

  2. Vacanta placuta!

  3. Thanks guys 😀

  4. Lol well, can`t say I pity Houellebecq, he must see many porno things during filming. All for a good reason, `f`corz. :))

    Have phun, bring lotsa pics back. 😀

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