Alors, les enfants, je suis retournée!

So…you know how it always happens that the plans you make are rarely the plans you stick to? Well, I was planning to write about The Corrections, which is OK and I’ve enjoyed reading it – except that i didn’t finish it 😛 I was also planning to get a nice suntan and I ended up getting a bit burnt 😛 But I still had a nice time and Croatia is a really nice country, with fairly decent people, great sea, rocky beach, boats and palm trees. Plus – the southern coast, sunsets, countless hours and about 4000 km on the road. If I ever go there again (and I’d like it), I’m taking the plane 😉

Hmm…where to begin? With the first night – when our GPS got us lost and we ended up in an abandoned quarry (I think) pushing a car uphill after more than 24 hours on the road? Coz that was pretty scary…although after we were sure the car was working fine, we took a couple of pictures to commemorate the moment 😛 The quality isn’t that great – but it’s all in the emotional value 😛

Anyways, after some sleep, all was forgotten when we woke up to this – the little village of Vinisce, where we stayed:

So…what else…a boat ride to an island nearby – where we were hoping for a sandy beach, but no such luck…although after a while you get used to the rocks. It’s a bit like a massage ;))

Next, Split: Diocletian, the Roman emperor, built a fortress here – and that’s where the swarm of tourists goes:

Trogir: by far, my favorite – old, narrow cobble streets – so amazing that I didn’t even mind the crowds (it certainly was very crowded everywhere). Cafes, boats, lots of ice cream shops, cute kids selling seashells and, again, that sea. 😀

Dubrovnikwhere we were a year too early for the highway, and the road there-and-back that was supposed to take up to 6 hours ended up taking about 11 hours. Not the best of surprises; we stayed there for about 3 hours and spent one of them eating – after all the driving we really were starving 😛

The Plitvice National Park. So hard to choose among all those waterfalls, ducks and fish 😀

Finally – the cats: the owner’s (umm…the owner of the house we stayed in. Thought I should make that clear 😛 ) evil, pure evil cat. It hissed at us :O Dubrovnik kitty, abandoned on the side of the road: . Aaaaand…Plitvice lazy cat:


~ by ameer on August 26, 2008.

10 Responses to “Alors, les enfants, je suis retournée!”

  1. Oh, my word, is this the Paradise? Don’t say no ’cause I’ll never believe u! Your pictures are so beautiful. Oh, the waterfall… the sunset, the water… wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I’m so happy you had the chance to spend a couple of weeks in such a beautiful place!

    Welcome back!

  2. Thanks 🙂 Not really a paradise, I think the pictures make it look better than it is. But it definitely is pretty good 😀

  3. Bienvenue 🙂 Plitvice e superb, ca si Krka de altfel. Mi se pare absolut amazing sa treci in citeva orea (2-3) de la mare la munte, de la 35 de grade la 14-15!! Eu am vizitat Croatia acum doi ani, insa doar de la Zadar la est (pe mare), vest si nord. In sud n-am ajuns, dar am planuri sa vizitez Dubrovnikul.

    Sa-ti fie d bine vacanta :))

  4. ce frumoase sunt pozele tale! si eu stiam o gramada de lucruri frumoase despre croatia, am multi colegi austrieci si romani care merg acolo la mare; insa eu am foarte multe prejudecati impotriva croatilor, mi se par aroganti nejustificat si foarte smecheri; iar zagrebul nu mi-a lasat absolut nici o impresie – bine, ca nici n-am vazut decat drumul intre aeroport si birou:(

  5. oh, asa mi-ai facut o pofta de vacanta, de calatorie…
    welcome back, vad ca a fost tare frumos 🙂

  6. Yes, all the pics are great and stuff, but…


    .. It looks rather spooky. 😐

  7. @capricornk13: Zagrebul eu l’am vazut de la distanta, de pe autostrada, deci nu prea am o impresie :P, in schimb tind sa cred ca e diferit de orasele din sud, in care se simte influenta italiana. 😀 Cu oamenii – poate si pentru ca am stat intr’o zona turistica si s’au adaptat si ei 😉 – n’am avut plangeri. Anyways, mai ales ca esti mai aproape, eu zic ca merita o plimbare pana acolo 😀

    @Roxa: THAT is a living creature, such as many were found in the sea 😛 A bit spooky, yeap 😀 Credeam ca e o scoica goala…and then…surpriseee! 😀 Oricum, parea harmless 😉

  8. welcome back 😀 dar nu cumva plecati imediat la unguri?

  9. @meropi: eh, nu chiar imediat, pe 23 sept 😉

  10. imi place Split, e interesant cum se imbina vechiul si noul.

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