The Corrections

First thought when I finished: Must call parents.

That should tell you a little bit about how it ends and all the crap it got me thinking. Otherwise, I enjoyed reading it a whole lot more than I thought I would. It’s just so…light, so cursive, so well written that you don’t even know when you’ve been through 100 pages. Or the 600 that it actually has.

It’s a family story: 2 brothers, a sister and their parents. Their respective lives, children, affairs, businesses – but most of all failures, depressions and constant searches. And, of course, corrections. The title is very self explanatory: the corrections that we want to make in our everyday lives: corrections in our relations with our friends or families, corrections in our actions, in our choices, in our attitudes. The obsessive voice that keeps you tied to your mistakes, reliving them and never moving on. The attempt at a correction, which, in fact, only leads to more and more problems. Beyond all that there’s the social aspect of the novel: the thens & nows in family values or in technological and economic evolution. The lamenting of a long gone era (from the elders) vs. the culture of chance, profit (Chip’s wild and funny Lithuanian adventure) and sex (both Denise’s and Chip’s  lives are changed by their affairs).

It has a bestseller vibe to it all throughout, it pretty much reaches all the talking points that would make it a big success – not just in the libraries, but also in cinemas. So, the answer to the “where’s the movie” question is: 2009. It’s been in talks, recastings and rewrites for 7 years now, but soon enough – in a theatre near you ;).

Oh, Ionuca says I should get Middlesex – because they might be in the same “zone” – so I probably will, soon enough 😀

Bonus: the Oprah incident – personally I can never tell whether being selected for the Oprah book club says something bad or good about the book; and after looking through the list of her past recommendations I can at least say it’s diverse (plus, I haven’t read most of the books and I don’t know most of the authors, so further judging might be a bit difficult on my part 😉 ).


~ by ameer on August 31, 2008.

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  1. I can lend it to you, if you want 🙂

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