About the killers

Apparently, that’s what it’s all about this morning!

I’ve just finished Luis Sepúlveda’s “Diario de un killer sentimental. Yacaré ” but I haven’t a thing to say about it. It feels a lot like a couple of cop-show episodes: the death, the hunt, the arrest, the twist – all in 90 pages or less 😉 I wasn’t exactly impressed – not by the writing style, not by the characters. But I’d recommend it for a short travel read 😀

I also started on Terry Pratchett’s Mort – the one with Death’s apprentice. Funny, but I think I would have preferred a childless Death 😛

And the last in the whole death & killers series, I’ve started watching Pushing Daisies. The show about a guy who has the gift of returning people back to life – with a whole bunch of inconveniences though. It’s fun, especially since I’ve nothing better to do. Plus, I liked Kristin Chenoweth from her West Wing days, and Lee Pace is not bad to look at either.

And I almost forgot (because it’s not really in the “theme” of the post, and I’m all for order 😉 ) I really liked Puck’s post from this morning. That last sentence gave me some sort of fuzzy and warm feeling inside 😀


~ by ameer on September 20, 2008.

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