Booker winner

The Booker prize winner was announced yesterday: he’s a 33 year old Indian born first time novelist, his name is Aravind Adiga and the novel is The White Tiger. Judging by what the Guardian says, it’s exactly my kind of novel, so I’ll go searching for it soon enough šŸ˜€ Apparently he’s the fourth Indian to win the Booker – and since I’ve read the other 3, I wouldn’t let this one slip šŸ˜‰

(Damn those Bookers, I was gonna let the Dr. Horrible post on top longer šŸ˜› )

~ by ameer on October 15, 2008.

6 Responses to “Booker winner”

  1. :sniff: Booker… :sniff: Tot caut The Famished Road de Ben Okri (castigator al premiului Booker in ’91 – yeah, a long time ago – si din care Cotidianul a scos doar In Arcadia) si nu-i pe nicaieri.

    De unde i-ai luat pe ceilalti trei indieni? Poate o fi si africanul Okri pe acolo šŸ˜€

  2. Pai…Arundhati Roy a fost tradusa la Humanitas (Raftul intai, cred), Kiran Desai eu o am in engleza (dar am vazut ca a fost tredusa la Polirom), iar al 3lea indian e Salman Rushdie (tot Polirom). The Famished Road si eu as cam vrea…poti sa incerci la Anthony Frost – fie o au acolo fie poti sa comanzi acolo. Sau direct pe amazon. Nu stiu insa daca a fost tradusa la noi…

  3. There is something about India. A sort of magic. I keep telling myself that. That’s why he won. šŸ™‚

  4. care si mie mi se pare exact genul meu de roman! mult mai mult ca rushdie:) si eu il vreau!

  5. The Famished Road e de gasit la British Council, o au chiar in doua exemplare. Am imprumutat-o asta vara si am reusit sa o duc inapoi neinceputa, spre rusinea mea.
    Din pacate nu prea ma atrage cartea asta de a luat Bookerul acum. Rushdie a fost si ramane zee Indian author, Roy e un fel de disciple (I loved The God of Small Things tho). Totusi, avand in vedere ca Desai a luat Bookerul in 2006 si in 2008 ia iarasi un Indian, e un pic cam repetitiv, cel putin pentru mine. Sunt mai curioasa de The Gathering de anul trecut, astept sa o aduca astia de la British Council, they be so lazy.

  6. @meropi: The way I see it, englezii nu prea mai au inspiratie la ei acasa, de in ultimii ani iau Bookerul atatia autori…exotici šŸ˜‰ Si Kiran Desai e tot un fel de disciple a lui Rushdie (dap R. e “the ultimate British Indian writer”) si scrie foarte bine. Daca ti’a placut Roy, trebe s’o incerci si pe Desai šŸ˜‰

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