The papers and the coffee. Again.

I have a really good book to write about, but I’m saving that for tomorrow. Today I’m going to fill a rather useless posting with a bunch of links I’ve gathered these past couple of days – mostly from The Guardian, as usual:

 – an interview with Paul Auster, in which he talks about his latest book (Man in the dark), his next (which is all done apparently and is called Invisible) and  – the thing that writers shouldn’t really talk about – politics.

– a BBC reporter blogging about the Queen of endorsements (that’s a quote and they couldn’t have said it better) supporting Amazon’s Kindle – and thus reigniting the all too old “are books as we know them dieing” discussion. Of course that doesn’t really lead anywhere, but it’s good people still care 😉

– The Guardian again – this time with an article about Jarvis Cocker’s idea of improving his concerts: inserting little lectures inbetween songs. Pulp is great because of him really, but I’m thinking the whole “lecture” concept is taking things a bit too far. And at the same time I have to wonder what kind of wisdom he’ll choose to impart – and if I ever get to see him play live (please, please, I really want to!! 😀 ) should I bring pen and paper? 😉

– EW has a list of movies we should look forward to this fall/winter. Thing is, the movies they had on their last list turned out to be – most of them – rather disappointing. Is the pre-Oscar season the only time to have good movies in the cinema, or are “good movies” an entirely dieing breed? (Personally, I’m voting for option no. 2 and reverting to the 40s 😀 )

– and finally – someone else (besides me, that is 😉 ) has noticed the eerie similarities between the last season of West Wing (way back in 2006) and the unfolding of the current US elections. It all comes down to the ending now 😉


~ by ameer on October 30, 2008.

One Response to “The papers and the coffee. Again.”

  1. Interesting piece, you may like my related musings on Jarvis Cocker, Pulp etc –

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