So, I’ve been in Grenoble for the past week. My very first “business trip”. Actually, I went to be trained by the people whose job I’ll be taking. Which is rather weird and awkward, I have to say. The situation – not the people. I don’t really know how they truly feel (and I imagine they can’t be very happy) but they behaved very nicely towards us.

I didn’t have much time for touristic stuff – and mostly I walked around the city after 7 pm – so that’s why the very few pics. Grenoble – it’s a nice city. Especially downtown, with all the narrow streets, old buildings, the wooden window panes, the bridges, mountains everywhere you look, the Christmas lights – all very picturesque. But if you travel farther than downtown – it feels a it sad and deserted. As far as I understand, the city experienced some boom quite a few years ago (and the now-empty office buildings are there to prove it), but now the young are leaving, most of the big corporations are delocalizing their activities (and that’s why I was there), people are losing their jobs…it’s pretty much downhill I guess.

And what completely threw me off was the store schedule – most of them close at 7 or 8. Which is fair to the people working in the stores, to be sure, but for me it was odd.  Sooo…!  Sunday afternoon we went up to the bastille and took a bunch of panoramic pics 😀


~ by ameer on December 22, 2008.

3 Responses to “Grenoble”

  1. Wow, I love your pictures! I’m excited for you, sounds like you’re going to have a “serious” job! Have a great winter!

  2. Nice pictures, nice view 🙂

  3. hey…it is indeed a beautiful city! i lived there for 2 years and had a very good time. nice pics!


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