Ana sent me a tag about 2 weeks ago, but since I really overdosed on laziness this holiday, I didn’t get around to replying. I’m supposed to tell which is my precioussssssss book.

In fact, blog related laziness has been going around for a month now. Thing is, once I stop writing, it’s a lot harder to get going again. So – new year resolution that I’m making on Jan 5th – next year I’ll try and post….constantly. Several times a month. About books, movies, music…and less about how i don’t feel like blogging. 😀

Now then….THE book. I actually thought about this one…and I still have no answer. Most of the books I have, I bought myself – there are few books I got as presents (sometimes, giving a book seems a bit impersonal, doesn’t it?), and even fewer that I took from my parents’ library. The books I bought – I kinda love equally. The only book I can think about is Michael Cunningham’s The Hours – because it’s one of the first I read (and loved) after moving to Bucharest and somehow it stuck with me…. It’s not even worth a picture – it’s the standard Polirom edition 😀

Pretty pointless answer, I know. But I’ll pass this along to whoever wants it – hoping that other people have actualstories about their most precioussss book 😉


~ by ameer on January 5, 2009.

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