Justiz [The execution of justice]


I tried to stave off my natural instinct to go for the English-written books. Sometimes I think I’m a little too munch on an one way road, but then again – if that’s what I love, why should I feel bad about it? 😉

Anyways, Friedrich Dürrenmatt’s short novel Justiz was pretty great – sort of like the thrillers where you know the ending, but you’re still dieing to see how they’ll get there (umm…Zodiac anyone?). Besides – this is my first Swiss author (that is, if we don’t count Heidi. Do we? 😀 ). And I’m writing this down because, until 5 min ago, I didn’t even know he’s Swiss. I’m not sure it makes much of a difference – it’s just that Swiss authors seem so rare; I guess not much drama can come out of such a peaceful land.

Justiz also takes place in Switzerland and has, at the center, a young lawyer trying to make his way – unsuccessfully, one might add – until he is called to the local prison by a very powerful, very rich businessman detained for murder. While the crime was committed in broad daylight, in a full restaurant and the guilty party was established beyond any doubt, Isaak Koehler (that’s out businessman) wants the lawyer to delve into the realm of possibility and find another murderer. Therefore, the question is never “who’s done it?” but “Who else could have done it?”. What at first seems like a purely intellectual exercise, will have very concrete consequences, revealing that it was all a game, artfully mastered from the start by one puppeteer. Quite an engaging read, really. And I liked the play on the whole idea of doubting everything we know.

But now I’m back to my old habits – and I’m slowly reading David Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas. Slowly not because it’s a bad book – in fact, it’s pretty engrossing – but slowly because I never seem to find much time for reading these days 😦 And in a couple of weeks I’ll have exams, so I’ll have to waste my reading time on school material. But if I pass this round – only 2 semesters to go! 😀

I almost forgot – Justiz can also be enjoyed in movie form 😉 (like most books these days it seems…)


~ by ameer on January 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “Justiz [The execution of justice]”

  1. I came across your Blog via my Google Alert for “The Execution of Justice”.

    My novel, a Fictionalized account of a true story of a close friend, a detective sergeant of the Robbery & Homicide Division of the Indianapolis Police Department, is named “The Execution of Justice”. When I decided on the title for my novel, little did I know Google would even have such a listing. My novel is being published in February by Blue Line Publishing House, Inc. It can be found at http://www.michaelphelpsnovels.com.

    More to the point, I really like your writing style! I assume you are a university student, you most surely have a 4.0 GPA!

  2. Good luck on the novel 🙂

  3. Noa ce te-o lovit Phelps asta.

  4. :)) face omu’ reclama pe unde poate

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