Last week I spent a couple of days in Vienna: cold, snowy, clean..(and did I mention freakin’ cold? 😀 ) Vienna. So – not many pics as my hands were too frozen; plus, the ones I do have were taken by friends (here’s hoping they don’t mind my posting them 😉 ). Anyways, I had been there before (almost 3 years ago, I guess) – but now I liked it so much more. I think it’s a nice place to live, really…albeit rather expensive 😀

Also *important decision*:  if I ever travel in the awsful (not a typo 😀 ) months of Oct through Feb, I will only travel south – where the sun and the warm breeze are currently hiding. Man, I hate being cold…

So..there you go – tiny bits of Vienna in the winter (plus photos from the zoo):


~ by ameer on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Vienna”

  1. tocmai am scris la mine cat de dor mi-e de viena!!!
    ti-am dat si o leapsa cu zambete, sper sa-ti placa:)

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