Never let me go – the movie (??)

OK, so, maybe you know how much I loved Kazuo Ishiguro’s Never let me go….and now, not 5 minutes ago, I stumble across an article saying they’re turning it into a movie. Starring Keira Knightley of all people (yup, she should do only period dramas & Pirates of the Caribbean) , presented as a sci fi thriller, and probably directed by Mark Romanek – a guy who did mostly videos & a decent enough thriller called One Hour Photo.

Am appalled by all decisions. Am hoping in vain it’s just a crazy rumour (although even IMDB has it listed as a project for 2010, but with no cast yet attached).

But I guess I have to face it: one of my favorite books is about to become a crappy movie 😦

~ by ameer on March 2, 2009.

4 Responses to “Never let me go – the movie (??)”

  1. Yes, but Alex Garland is writing it, and Mark Romanek is from Michel Gondry’s clique, there is still hope. Though, I disapprove of Knightley’s presence here as much as you do.

  2. Ce ma superi cu Keira! Te rog, te rog, te rog, vezi Love Actually şi spune-mi ce părere ai de Keira de acolo. Eu m-am îndrăgostit iremediabil de ea, nici nu o mai văd aşa cum trebuie în celelalte roluri…

  3. Ouch, atunci sa stii ca o sa te mai supar 😉 Am vazut Love Actually (de mai multe ori, ca mi’a placut mult 😀 ), dar K. nu m’a impresionat nici acolo. Nu ca as avea ceva impotriva ei, doar ca am mereu impresia ca are acceasi expresie a fetei – o combinatie de smugness si fakeness. Maybe it’s all in my head – but I can’t really get it out 😉 Si chiar nu vreau ca Never let me go sa fie un fel de al doilea Blindness 😀

  4. It’s not all in your head si eu tot asa o percept 😛 in orice rol e incruntata si vorbseste printre dinti, mai ales cand sunt scene mai intese, altceva nu stie sa faca. Cateodata am impresia ca are si un fel de defect de vorbire.

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