Random saturday thoughts

Today is officially my first day of a very long awaited holiday. Starting Monday, I’ll be in Paris for a week – and I do take recommendations of things to see there 😉 It started out as a trip to see the Depeche Mode concert (and that was quite lucky, I got the tickets in December, long before the whole concert cancelling debacle) but I figured – since I’m already there, why not spend some time in the city 😀 Except that now I have to pack and I can honestly say I’m not excited about the prospect of going anymore – I’m tired, and I know that when I’ll get back, I’ll be even more tired and I’ll have to jump right back into work. But no matter, it’s Paris, baby (where can one get that kind of enthusiasm?)!

I have to write about one more book before I go though – probably tomorrow 🙂 Also tomorrow is the Placebo concert – promoting the new album which is…a little linear if you ask me. Not bad…just slightly dull. Most of the songs seem like afterthoughts of previous albums. Another new & dull album? Depeche Mode. Seriously, if I didn’t love their previous stuff & if their setlist didn’t include a lot of old songs (and In Your Room, my all time favorite, which I’ve yet to see live), I’d have second thoughts about the concert. Sounds of the universe is, without a doubt, my least favorite Mode album, I can’t even go through listening to the whole thing in one session.

I’ve started watching Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip again, and I can only say it seems better the second time around. Sucks that a show & cast like these weren’t given a second chance – although I can see why it didn’t appeal to many. When it comes to the backstage of the White House you expect seriousness, Issues (with the capital I), tough decisions and even a bit of self righteousness – all falling in perfectly with Master Sorkin’s writing . But when you’ve got the backstage of a comedy show (or a sports show, for that matter) people must want light & funny – not discourses about right and wrong, about discrimination, press practices and whatnot (I’m all for that, but I’m probably part of a minority 😀 ).

Someone in an apartment across the street (I guess) is always practicing on some instrument (now sure which though, maybe a flute?) and I can hear bits of songs – it makes me feel like I’m somewhere far away & I like it 🙂

~ by ameer on June 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Random saturday thoughts”

  1. Paris baby! It’s sort of awesome 😀 be sure to take a walk down Rue Vieille du Temple, or Rue des Archives, or any other rue in les Marais for that matter. And check out Place des Vosges! Also, the http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shakespeare_and_Company_(bookshop) even though it’s overpriced 😛 Enjoy!

  2. Uhm, not to sount too egocentric, but you should take a look at my blog since I spent the entire month of March wandering like mad through the streets of Paris and chronicling it (an easier read than Ulysses, though).

  3. Btw, ar trebui sa te uiti si prin documentele astea la care am irosit ore si ore de documentare – aici, aici sau aici.

  4. Not egocentric at all – but really good stuff. Nasol ca am vazut dupa ce m’am intors (which is now 😦 )

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