The Emmys (but no movies)


The fact that I almost used the photo from last year’s Emmy post alone should tell you how absolutely lazy I am right now. But this is the kickstart to the awards season, so I couldn’t really skip it, especially since this year, seeing as how Neil Patrick Harris is presenting, I will be watching for once πŸ˜€ (that being said, I even watched the Tonys and I had fun.Something I would never have expected, since I’m not exactly a musical enthusiast).

But here’s the Emmys – and if you want to see a list of acting nominees you can go here – and for the full list here (more nominees at the Emmys, more at the Oscars – but the movies aren’t getting any better… ). 30 Rock got a whole lot of nominations – as usual – and I can’t really pass judgment on that because I don’t watch the show. I’ve heard it’s good, but I can’t get over the fact that I don’t really like Tina Fey that much. Or Alec Baldwin…

For comedy series – How I met your mother scored its first nomination, for its weakest season so far. Even so, it’s them I want to see winning – or perhaps Weeds, whose season 5 I’m really into so far. Last year it felt like it was desperately searching for a story line to stick to, but now it seems back on track (and while we’re here, I would loooove to see Mary Louise Parker go home with an award instead of Tina Fey. Or Julia Louis Dreyfus – who I don’t even know what’s doing on the nominee list – maybe they had run out of options? )

The drama nominees reminded me that I want to start watching Damages – and that I can’t wait for the new Mad Men season. To win – probably Mad Men, like last year. And probably well deserved, too.

I was surprised to see Jim Parsons as a best actor in a comedy nominee. He’s really funny (and if this doesn’t crack you up…he’s probably not your kind of funny πŸ˜‰ )Β  but I always saw The Big Bang Theory as an ensemble comedy, so I would have expected him to be in the supporting category. But it’s for the best, I don’t want to be forced to choose my favorite between him and NPH πŸ˜‰ Tony Shalhoub and Charlie Sheen seem like place fillers at this point; and I can’t speak for Monk, but Two and a half men is really a one trick pony whichΒ  should have outlasted its welcome (and, of course, CBS, in its infinite wisdom, has renewed it for 2 seasons). On the drama side, I’d like to see Jon Hamm win, but with Hugh Laurie and last year’s winner Bryan Cranston in the running…I don’t know if he stands a chance.

I did make it clear that for supporting actor in a comedy I’m all for Neil Patrick Harris, right? πŸ˜€ For drama – I insist on Michael Emerson. Ben is probably the best written character on Lost, and he did a marvelous job at giving him a hard edge an aura of mystery. But I actually have a feeling that William Hurt will win… And for supporting actress I’m rooting for Kristin Chenoweth. Not only is she a West Wing alumni (and I tend to support all of them) but I also loved seeing her on Pushing Daisies (and hearing her sing, she may be small, but she’s got serious pipes).

I’m not very focused and I know this post is pretty much all over the place…but I still have to say that the nominee list doesn’t change all that much, one year to the other. No nomination for Battlestar Galactica, not even for Mary McDonnell – this strikes me as very unfair, and also very lazy ( I’m sure the Grey’s Anatomy ladies could have been bumped – even if they are the best actors in that show). But on the better side, Dr. Horrible has also been nominated – to a new category – and I sure hope it wins. As I also do for The Daily Show / Colbert Report – maybe a shared prize? Just like the Academy’s, my preferences pretty much stay the same… πŸ˜€

LE: I missed this particular snub – but I can’t help but agree with…Danny, Justin Kirk really is very good πŸ˜€


~ by ameer on July 16, 2009.

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