A study in scarlet


Being spurred on by the movie coming out this December (which I’m still really anxious for, despite the awful tagline) and by the fact that the book was on sale – I had my first literary encounter with Mr. Holmes. Sherlock Holmes. And it was quite fun – up to a point at least 🙂

A study in scarlet is the first novel to feature Sherlock & Mr. Watson, and I really enjoyed getting first hand character descriptions. The detective is not at all like I imagined – I think I saw him as a bit of a gruff Poirot, but I liked his hands-on approach and his scientific background. Of course, just like Poirot, he’s all too conceited and impressed with himself, but at least it’s for good reason.

So after reading about 30 pages in the morning on my way to work, I couldn’t wait to get back home and see what happens next. However, I was pretty disappointed by the long backstory dedicated to our murderer and his motives – the wild west setting, the evil Mormons plot (with a special appearance by real life prominent Mormon Brigham Young) – it was all fairly dull and slightly sappy. Plus, Mr. Holmes makes things sound a bit too easy – I’d like to read more with him struggling harder to crack a case; so if anyone can promise me no more wild west stories, I’d give Sir Doyle another go 😉

And speaking of sirs, I’ve seen a pretty funny interview with Salman Rushdie in Craig Ferguson’s show – plus, he talks a bit about his impending visit here (and Dracula’s castle, of course) 😀


~ by ameer on October 28, 2009.

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  2. Ah, Rushdie si Ferguson ce-am mai ras!

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