There really is nothing new to say at this point, except how excited I was on Tuesday and how nervous I was on Wednesday right before he signed my book (books actually, I brought 2, both with a personal significance: Fury because it was my introduction to the wonderful wonderful world of Salman Rushdie, and The ground beneath her feet, because that’s where I snatched my blog name from 😀 ).

He was such a nice and down to earth person (and slightly self-deprecating too) that I can only like him more. I love that he’s planning to write till he drops, how he talked about his literary influences (many of whom I’ve read and loved myself, some of which I plan to read from now on – like Saadat Hasan Manto) and how fun he was with his musings on superheroes and his coolness as a father. I’m sure they’re stories he’s told many times, but it’s different when you’re there. Of course, the reading was fun (and I’m a  sucker for his accent) and I appreciated how he underlined that there is a lot of humor in his work. It’s quite true that most people don’t expect it – all the more reason to try and discover him.

What I didn’t like….oh, but who cares! 😀 It was a great idea and I hope that this is only the beginning and that I’ll be seeing more of my favorite writers in Bucharest. Being subjective about the author (a fan, as I’ve said quite a few times before) I was sure I’d enjoy these 2 days, but I’m glad I wasn’t alone: at least Dragos and Ionuca seem to have been rather charmed 😀


~ by ameer on November 26, 2009.

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