Oscar talk 3

It’s been a while since I stopped by, but the IMDB countdown says there are only a couple of days until Oscartime, so…if I want to get my predictions out, I really should do it now. Thing is, I’ve been pretty wrapped up in the whole moving business lately (not to mention that my laptop is still dead) so I haven’t caught up much with the news (except for the whole Hurt Locker letter thing) – but I’m hoping this weekend is the beginning of the return to routine. It might be lame, but I like my routine 😉

Now then…about the whole Oscar business (which was the point of this post anyways) – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: boring. Boring, boring boring….No surprises – or at least no good surprises (yeah Blind Side, that’s for you) so I’ll go through the nominees and say my piece quickly just because I want to keep the tradition alive 😀

Full list of nominees – here

Best movie? I’ve seen only 7 (Hallmark was never my thing so no Blind Side for me, all the Avatar hype completely put me off the movie and the subject for Precious is just too much. I might want to see it one day, I assume it’s a good movie, but right now I can’t find the appropriate mind frame to take it in). That being said, my choice lies between The Hurt Locker (which I loved, even if I’m not into war movies), Inglorious Basterds (it’s not Pulp Fiction, but if it wins, it’s good payback) and Up in the Air (I’ve already written about how much I enjoyed it). Still, Avatar will probably get it. And it just might be the weakest choice in a pretty weak year (movie-wise).

Best director – again, smart money’s probably on James Cameron. I’d love to see Katherine Bigelow take it though – after all, she tackled a difficult subject and did not make an overly glorified, sappy mess of it, so she gets big thumbs up in my book. Seeing Tarantino on the podium would be pretty fun, but I don’t really see it happening.

Best actor – everyone seems to agree Jeff Bridges is a lock. I haven’t seen his movie (I’ve read somewhere that it’s this year’s The Wrestler so I’m ignoring it in the exact same way – the subject just doesn’t interest me) – so I can’t judge on his performance. He’s done great movies in the past and has 5 nominations so it’s gotta be the moment for a win. Haven’t seen Colin Firth’s A Single Man either (this time because I just can’t – no cinema here is screening it) but, based on personal sympathies, I’d love to see him win. George Clooney and Morgan Freeman were both good – but never really exceeded (my) expectations. Jeremy Renner – the nom should be honor enough 😉

Best actress – I really shouldn’t have an opinion here as I haven’t seen most of the nominees. Bets are on Sandra Bullock and all I can say is really??

Supporting rolesactors: Christoph Waltz should definitely win. And he probably will. Hans Landa was a gripping character in a movie filled with quirks and twists all aiming for your attention. Except for Christopher Plummer – whose movie I haven’t yet seen, the rest didn’t seem to stand out. And I really have to ask myself again if this is because I’ve seem too many movies and my sense appreciation was dulled or because 2009 really was a slow year. For the ladies – I’d go with Mo’Nique because I’ve seen almost all others and they’re not Oscar material. On this note – why is Penelope Cruz even nominated – place filler? Nine was pretty crappy – bad writing, bad music, cool costumes, entirely forgettable performances and, if I had to pick someone who stood out, it would be Marion Cotillard (possibly because she got to sing the only decent song there was).

Only the writing awards left – and I’m done. Original screenplay – I’m torn between A serious man (see it if you haven’t already, it’s great!) and Inglorious Basterds. If anyone else wins, I just might hold a grudge 😉 For adapted screenplay – I’m happy and surprised to see In the loop nominated. It’s crazy fun and should be seen, but I don’t see it winning. And, as much as I’d like Nick Hornby saddled with an Oscar, the battle is probably between Up in the air and Precious.

I would put in a bet for best animated movie, but we all now Pixar wins every time. And Up is very nice, especially the first part. I wasn’t crazy about the Amazonian trip though…so overall, if I had a vote, I’d give it to Coraline.


~ by ameer on March 5, 2010.

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