Sandman 1 -> 3

If you’ve ever stopped by before, you probably know by now that I really love Neil Gaiman – or rather (so as not to sound like a crazy person) I really love his work. Before I knew of him, comic books were, to me, dedicated strictly to children and graphic novels sounded like a complete waste of time. But after an encounter with Sandman (and a brush with Alan Moore’s work – so far only in film version, but I’m interested in getting the books) I had a change of mind and I realised (again!) that judging what you don’t know just doesn’t pay off.

So far I only got volumes 1-3; but as soon as I can I’m ordering the rest of the series. The stories are so full of life, so unexpectedly twisted and magical; the writing is funny, witty and gripping and I’ve even come to appreciate the graphics (for a while, I wasn’t sure I would). I know it’s kinda late to discover both comics in general and Sandman in particular (after all, it was first published 20 years ago), but, like that terrible cliché says, better later than never. Annoying, but at least there’s good sentiment behind it.

Sandman 1 and 2 are both journeys – 1 is about Morpheus gaining his power back after being imprisoned in the mortal world; 2 is about a girl trying to find her brother and 3…three is about dreams. Cat dreams, a midsummer night’s dream, dreams of death and fame – it is called Dream Country for a reason after all. Do I need to say that I can’t wait for book 4? Or that I’m an idiot for not knowing just how much fun a good comic is until the ripe old age of 24? 😀


~ by ameer on March 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Sandman 1 -> 3”

  1. I also can hardly wait to read Sandman! Unfortunately, I have only volume 1, so I won’t be reading it until I’m allowed to the rest of them 😀

  2. =))) that’s a good approach. I just couldn’t wait, I practically jumped on them the minute I opened the amazon box 😀

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