Berlin Noir I – March Violets

It’s all very noir – the title is perfectly clear  about that – with the cynical detective, the girl(s), high stakes and the powerful players, the surprise twists; and it’s really very well written and a great deal of fun. Bernie Gunther, our detective in this story is caught up in a web of deceit and facades, that starts out with the investigation of stolen jewellery and takes him all over a 1930s Berlin (with a bonus stint in Dachau). There’s many recognizable Nazi names in the book, all playing their fictional part and creating the atmosphere of insecurity and fear that must have been all too common to that era in Germany. The constant reminder that missing people are no longer anything out of the ordinary, that anyone can disappear and everyone who knew them wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow, that anything you say or do can be used against you and most probably will…it makes for good gritty drama. Not much else to say without avoiding spoilers and it’s worth reading to see what happens.

Oh, and happy bday, RDJ! 😀 Should we celebrate with a trailer for the new (and silly) Iron Man, or with the trailer for the very funny Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? I’d say watch the latter, because Lethal Weapon is kind of a guilty pleasure with me.


~ by ameer on April 4, 2010.

5 Responses to “Berlin Noir I – March Violets”

  1. Here, here! I too loved Berlin Noir. It really was a modern day Chandler, although less with the funny and the sleazy. I enjoyed it nonetheless. The second part also, the last part of the trilogy I haven’t been able to find at a decent price.

  2. @Cristi: you probably gotta wait it out a bit 😉 Though I heard it’s not as good as 1 & 2. Btw – I really have to read something by Chandler, I’m sorely lacking in that department. Any recommendations? 😀

  3. Of course: as I have read it in english & romanian and saw the movie three times, and still have no clue what the hell happened, my favorite: The Big Sleep. After that, in order of preference: The Lady in the Lake, Farewell My Lovely, The Long Goodbye. The rest of his novels I read in his short-story form, way back when the private dick had no name.

    If you’d like, I can loan you some Chandler – I sold my Penguin short-story omnibus, but I still have the Penguin omnibus with TBS, FML & TLG. <a href=""It's no longer at a reasonable price.

  4. It’s no longer at a reasonable price.

    Is what I meant to say.

  5. um, yeah, not exactly reasonable. But I’ll dig up something, thanks for the recs. Maybe bookdepository…. 😀 Now I feel like seeing The Big Sleep again 😛

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