The Gun Seller

There you go – Hugh Laurie’s The Gun Seller is the book – the designated hospital book – I was talking about in my last post. Now, it should be said that I don’t go around reading books by every actor I like – not that every actor I like has written a book. Generally, I think everyone should stick with whatever it is they’re good at and keep the crossovers to the bare minimum, or, at least, crossovers should only be attempted by those intelligent enough not to make complete fools of themselves – and Hugh Laurie definitely falls under this category. So I read the first 10 pages on amazon and I found them funny – even laugh out loud hilarious….which brings us to this post.

It’s basically a spy/action novel spoof – and even if I’m not an action novel enthusiast, I’ve seen enough movies to appreciate it. Incidentally, it would make a pretty good movie and Mr. Laurie was writing a script for United Artists a few years back but since they went to financial hell (or Tom Cruise) I’m assuming the project was dropped. Thomas Lang, our hero, is an ex-army officer who falls in with the wrong crowd and gets caught up in an international conspiracy that will take him to the Swiss mountains, Prague, Casablanca and all over London. There’s car chases, crooked CIA men, beautiful women, secrets, terrorists, lots and lots of guns (I’m guessing either Mr. Laurie is a much scarier person than he appears to be, or a fair bit or research went into the whole gun aspect of the book) – pretty much the whole package. And all fairly cliché if it weren’t so witty, wry and sarcastic – if you ask me, a good dose of sarcasm can make anything better.

I’m not saying Mr. Laurie should quit his day job, but the book serves what I believe was its intended purpose: it entertains a whole lot. And, since the summer is unfortunately upon us, I’d say it makes a great summer read.


~ by ameer on May 10, 2010.

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