So…about this holiday: I’ve spent a few days in Milan. The main thing was a concert (as, it seems, about half of my trips), but I got to see the town a bit too. And I have to say, I’m neither impressed, nor enthused; if you ask me, I’d say Milan is worth a day trip, but not more.

I mean, it’s always nice to get away from Bucharest and I take any excuse I can get to do it, but except for the Cathedral, Milan is really not that special (unless you’re into shopping at Armani, Prada and the likes, which I’m soooo not). It was hot, crowded, very ethnically diverse (more so than I expected), full of bikes, scooters and generally well dressed people (lunch time is like a suit parade)…and it’s got great ice cream ;). The concert (Muse, if anyone’s interested) was pretty amazing – and this video, despite the crappy sound, really says something about the atmosphere (this one too; come to think of it, the public was kinda cool).

Oh, and I’ve got pictures – all taken by my friend, because I’ve decided I don’t have enough of a rapport with the camera to use it 😀

~ by ameer on June 10, 2010.

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