The Big Sleep

My first Raymond Chandler novel (courtesy of Cristi) – and it had to be this one. I’ve seen the movie a couple of times (and now I’d definitely see it again) so all I could hear throughout the book was Bogart’s voice and that drawl Bacall had in her voice when she said Eddie Mars. Talk about perfect casting – there really is no one else I’d picture in those roles, and I can only hope that the remake frenzy won’t get hold of this movie too.

I’m guessing everyone’s familiar with the story – and if you’re not, then you should correct this immediately ;). I enjoyed the book and I’ll be reading more Marlowe stories in the future, but I have to confess to preferring the movie. Maybe because it came first (for me, not chronologically), maybe because it spared me the drawn-out descriptions (Mr Chandler does occasionally exaggerate in this department)…or maybe simply because the slang sounds better than it reads. And speaking of slang – I had a bit of trouble with words like jalopy (I actually think I first heard that one in some of the 60s cartoons they used to show on Cartoon Network 15 years ago), C notes (for hundred $ bills – even slang was smarter then) or frail. It’s not that I don’t understand – it just sounds a bit off 70 years later. So…I’ll leave you with a random quote and hope you see the movie. Or read the book. Or better yet – both 😉

All I want to find out is why she’s dummying up on you kid. If it’s the way you say it it, everything’s jakeloo. You can put the bite on the peeper and be on your way.

A couple more unrelated things I’m cramming into this post – the trailer and poster (which I absolutely love) for Anton Corbijn’s The American are out; as is the poster for the Fincher-Sorkin movie The Social Network. This collaboration was pretty close to the top of my cinematic wish list, but now  I only wish their subject was different. There’s no such thing as perfect, is there? 😉


~ by ameer on June 20, 2010.

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  1. Glad to be of service 😀

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