V for Vendetta

Remember remember the fifth of November

Gunpowder, treason and plot.

I see no reason why the gunpowder, treason

Should ever be forgot.

So – after this introduction I think it’s clear enough who V is 😉 In a dystopian fascist London, a certain V is out to get revenge on all those who interred him a concentration camp and performed experiments on him and on the other prisoners. In the first book he saves Evey Hammond from being raped (funny how the movie skipped over the underage prostitute part) and she slowly (and more often than not, reluctantly) becomes his sidekick, protégée and apprentice. This fictional London turns out to be very believable, very real – and populated both with victims and devious characters, with men of dubious morality and men of no morality whatsoever, with profiteers and with those tormented by their conscience. The organs of the State’s power are named after actual organs – the nose, the finger, the mouth, the eye, the ear – and this supplies enough description of what their activities are. And V, the masked man, is, by honoring Guy Fawkes and his plot, trying to wake the masses to what their reality has become, to shake them into some kind of action, of revolt. You can read the detailed plot on wiki or watch the movie (I haven’t actually seen it all, I would have thought it sticks more to the book and it bugs me that it doesn’t) – but, as usual, it’s not like reading the source material (not to mention you’d be missing out on David Lloyd’s graphics that complement the story so well and create this oppressive universe so effortlessly). Anyways, this is a far cry from The League and I’m definitely glad it wasn’t a disappointment.


~ by ameer on December 31, 2010.

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