Naked pictures of famous people

Jon Stewart is a funny guy. No matter what you think of his politics – you gotta admit he’s funny. And sometimes, pretty damn sensible, too. But if this book would have been my first contact with him, I might not be the fan I am today :P. Thing is, this was written in the pre-Daily Show era, when his humor was less political and more pop-culture oriented. I mean, the guy had a show on MTV – what’d you expect? (Of course, this was way-back-when the M still stood for music and reality TV was nothing more than a novel curiosity).

Does anyone remember the early Daily Show Headlines segments? It’s a little bit like that – a jumble of 18 essays and skits with subjects ranging from politics to religion, history and entertainment (you can get a full list here ). There’s a lot of stuff in there that’s dated (like the whole AOL bit – does anyone use chatrooms anymore? – or Hanson), but I guess it’s the inherent peril of writing about current events. The principle of the AOL bit (that the internet is mostly for idiots and porn) still applies though :D.

There are some absolutely hilarious chapters: The Last Supper or the Dead Waiter (in which the apostles are stuck up assholes, but Jesus is still a pretty nice guy), The Cult (the humor and irony of which probably won’t be appreciated by those who need it the most – the ones susceptible to joining cults), The Recipe (award shows will never change, right?) or Adolf Hitler: The Larry King Interview (except for the whole Holocaust business, Hitler could have been just a regular guy. He’s kinda like Metro Man in Megamind (which I just finished watching) who gave up being a superhero to sing; after all, you can’t be super–anything for too long . Like Hitler says “You know when you stop having to control everything, it’s very freeing!”). I haven’t yet read Earth (The Book), but still, if you’re looking for a Jon Stewart book to read – you should try America (The Book): A Citizen’s Guide to Democracy Inaction. It follows more closely the Daily Show tone (since it’s written with the DS writers) and it’s pretty hysterical.

Anyways, it’s fun read for a cloudy afternoon. Which I seriously needed, after the 2+ weeks spent with The years of rice and salt.


~ by ameer on January 23, 2011.

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