House MD. The official guide…

Well, this isn’t the only thing I’ve been reading for the past couple of weeks, but it’s the only thing I actually finished….so there you go: the book about House. (does anyone know how I can get the font with the H in the little square in wordpress? I actually downloaded it, and now it just seems like wasted effort :D)

Since it’s the first second book about a TV show I get to read (the 1st one was about the first 4 seasons of West Wing) I didn’t really have any expectations from it – but I guess it turned out pretty good. Informative. I mean, once you get over the chapters on the actors (and the same quotes and interviews you can read dozens of versions of on this wonderful procrastination tool we call the internet) and the PR bits (seriously? Is everyone working on this show the professionalest, best-at-what-they-do bunch?), you find out quite a bit of behind the scenes stuff. Like: what the props people do; what a PA does; how are sets made, unmade and then remade again; what’s FX, what’s props & what’s set design; how much effort actually goes into every minute of every scene (which, I guess, is something applicable to all other shows – and something pretty respectable); how many (and how specific) union regulations there are ; why the giant tennis ball disappeared (I really loved that)…and how Katie Jacobs seems to be mixed up in almost everything (and she bugs me a little, for some reason).

The bits with the actors are actually enjoyable too – especially Robert Sean Leonard & Hugh Laurie (who wrote a funny introduction as well) – they seem to have a little more to say than the standard answers. And I still like the show; even with its formulaic episodes and its past its prime vibe. I just wish they stopped making super-special episodes about House & Cuddy – I used to think this relationship would be a good idea, but in practice (or at least, the way they’ve put it in practice)…let’s just say it leaves a lot to be desired. 😛


~ by ameer on February 15, 2011.

2 Responses to “House MD. The official guide…”

  1. heh, my thoughts exactly on Cuddy/House. i actually stopped watching this after 2 or so house-cuddy f*ckfest episodes. it’s just soapy now.

    anyway, what’s with the H font? if it’s a font type on the comp i guess u can copy/paste it from Word; if it’s on wordpress, u can probably find it in the custom character section.

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