Oscar post – 4

Did you guys know the Oscars are tonight? Cause I completely forgot – until this morning, when my reader feed was assaulted with Oscar-themed posts.

In the past 3 blogging years I wrote about the Oscars – predictions, opinions on the movies, links…whatever I felt like at the time. And this year I’ve actually seen more of the nominated movies than ever (for best picture – 9/10) – and for a while I was sure I’d write a big-big post with predictions. But what’s the point – really? Les jeux sont almost fait, it’s really all about King’s Speech vs. Social Network. A bland race for a bland year of mostly bland movies. I’m rooting for a bunch of  people (Colin Firth, Christian Bale, Melissa Leo), but overall…meh (with a little wtf sprinkled in for the choice of hosts).

~ by ameer on February 27, 2011.

2 Responses to “Oscar post – 4”

  1. lol, meh indeed.. but i guess the internet never lacks enthusiasm for this

    concerning the hosts, no chance of hathaway showing her boobs or anything, so failed opportunity there 😀

  2. […] cum zicea si Ameer, Hathaway si Franco sunt un fel de wtf-choice, alesi mai degraba pentru numarul de cautari pe […]

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