Mindbender? Sure – I just don’t think my mind quite bends that way. Fish out of water, in over my head…call it what you will, but this book made me feel totally and utterly stupid. I only followed through with it to see if I could get the point at the end. But I didn’t – not really. Wintermute won – or at least got what it wanted – I got that, but how? Whoosh. Right over my head.

I guess this is advanced level or something – and I’m still somewhere around beginner.  It’s too technical, too filled with programming language that I just don’t get, too much code; too cyber.  It was like half the book was written in a foreign language, and there were no subtitles. It’s definitely not a criticism addressed at the book – I couldn’t really do that; nor could I offer any sort of opinion for that matter. It sort of sucks to be put in this position 😀

One thing’s clear to me though – Matrix, Inception & the likes owe Gibson a world of debt. I was gonna put Johnny Mnemonic on that list too, but then I found out it’s really based on a Gibson story. Truth be told, it did seem the most similar. And now I have to wonder – was it really a crappy movie (like I remember it to be from 10 years or so ago), or did I miss the point on that one too?


~ by ameer on March 7, 2011.

2 Responses to “Neuromancer”

  1. Crappy movie. The short story is fun.

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