I really should be working – and that’s probably exactly why I’m here writing. I’ve been MIA for the past month or so (as my few readers may or may not have noticed) because…well – I’ve no good reason. It’s your garden-variety reading/writing slump (based on my experience, they usually come together).

So here goes… what I’ve been up to lately:

– I read Rates of Exchange and Why come to Slaka – a fake travelling book to a fake country, by Malcolm Bradbury. Written somewhere in the 80s and Slaka being an Eastern European country it’s got a lot to do with various communist practices and it has absolutely hilarious bits. Too bad the characters are so completely unlikable that the 1st part is sort of hard to get engaged in (although, truth be told, the satire is the actual point of the book, and the characters & events just means of delivery). The second part (Why come to Slaka) is a guide to Slaka (complete with maps & vocabulary) and it’s a lot more enjoyable, with the broken English, the double entendres and the section about “Common expressions” made out to be some sort of one-sided dialogue. Going from Westeros to Slaka though – it’s a bit of a rough transition.

– And speaking of Westeros – HBO’s Game of thrones series is finally out.  I can’t wait to get home and watch it, I really hope it’s good (most reviewers seem pretty excited).

– Neil Gaiman’s American Gods might find a home on HBO too. With the time afforded by a TV show & the HBO cash behind it, I’m actually expecting it to be good. Or at least good-ish.

– I have tickets to see Suede! A couple of years ago when Brett Anderson opened for Muse I thought this is it, this is the only bit of Suede I’ll ever see – so getting a second chance is pretty exciting. Now, if only Pulp would do a reunion tour 😀

Correspondence deserving of a wider audience

– Will [H]ouse get an 8th season? April 15th has come and gone – and season 7 has been crappy enough, but I’d still want to see more of Mr. Laurie (c’mon, would anyone still be watching if it wasn’t for him?). If it does get renewed though, it better not be Wilson-less. Oh, and have a 30Rock & House cocktail. It’s not always spot on, but when it is….it really is.

– I’ve seen some, I want to see more of these. If only I could get myself to watch anything longer than 45 mins. I’m starting to have the attention span of a gnat & I hate it.

That’s it, for now. I’ve started A clash of kings so I might not stop by again until I finish SoIaF – unless I get frustrated with GRRM and his treatment of various characters 😉. So…here’s a rainy day song (it’s not actually raining here, but I’m sure somewhere it is 😀 ).

~ by ameer on April 18, 2011.

5 Responses to “mostly…stuff.”

  1. mm, Suede. I might be around for that one as well. We might even bump into each other there, who knows:) And everything will flow.

    • Suede, hmm? And here I was thinking you’d be more into the site with the letters 😀

      • Well, I have quite an eclectic taste, ranging from coloured letters to monochromatic figures. Yet, some things will always be more fascinating than others, somehow resonating strangely or ideally in us. So, yeah. Suede. Anytime.

      • Eclecticism – that you do have indeed. I can’t really quite get to that point (not yet, not ever…i don’t know 😀 ), but if it’s about Suede, than we’ll be the wild ones, running with the dogs today. At least on the 4th anyways 😉

  2. Mm, nice. I have tried since ages now to grasp the vibrant intensity of ‘The Wild Ones’ and I still think it’s a very intimate song that should be whispered instead of being sung, especially in live performances. …But if it’s about Suede, I don’t know about running with dogs, however I got to say that ‘and there’s a lifeline slipping as the record plays’ sounds to me like one of the most brilliant two-liners ever written. Yeah, can’t wait for the 4th either.

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