Songs of Ice and Fire – Clash of Kings

I’ll be quick, book 3 is calling 😀 Have to wonder though – did GRRM. introduce us to the Starks in order to have them killed/maimed/lost, one by one? By the end of A clash of Kings things are even worse than after A Game of Thrones: Arya is a serving girl to Roose Bolton, under the name of Nan, Sansa is still Cersei’s prisoner, Bran & Rickon have fled separate ways from the ruins of Winterfell, Jon is officially a deserter from the Night Watch (he did join the wildlings on Halfhand’s request, but there’s no one left alive to tell the tale; I wonder how he’ll get out of that pickle – if the will at all) and Rob is apparently still King in the North, but we haven’t heard a peep from him; only indirect tales of his doings. So it looks like the Starks are endangered species now; but I’d really like them (or one of them) to make it by the end of book 7 (preferably not Bran – I don’t know why, I never really warmed up to him).

There were wars, dragons, 4 kings and many backstabbings – chief among them that of Theon ‘Turncloak’ Greyjoy, who turned out to be nothing more than a sniveling, conniving little bitch – so he at least deserved his fate (there’s not a lot of deserving going around in this book). I mean, Theon Greyjoy, Lord of Winterfell – that leaves a sour taste behind. Never have I missed Ned more than when Theon & Dagmar hatched their plan. Daenerys is now the Mother of the Dragons and actively searching for an army to land her on Westeros, to reclaim her throne, but she’s still on the sideline. Tyrion is great, as ever…and I’ve covered the fate of the Starks, so what remains is my biggest wtf moment: Renly’s death at the hands of a shadow. Just like with the white walkers, I sort of feel cheated. It smells too much of a shortcut. (Although it did save me the effort to read through another battle; I won’t claim to have been very patient with the whole naval skirmish at King’s Landing; full-blown battle scenes are probably one of my least favorite things).

King Joffrey, King Robb and King Stannis were forgotten, and King Bread ruled alone” –> for all the games of thrones & clashes of kings, I like it when the smallfolk interfere with commonsense 😉

In TV land – HBO’s opening sequence is kinda growing on me (didn’t like it the first time around, but now…).And speaking of now, Kingsroad is fresh on my mind and I must confess I kinda balked at the attempt to make Cersei a more sympathetic character or something. What the hell – lost a black-haired child? Or was she making it all up to bond with Catelyn? Because I know Benioff & Weiss did. And Catelyn finding a hair? C’mon.

~ by ameer on April 30, 2011.

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