Did you guys know how awesome Blackadder is? Because I didn’t.

I mean, I watched the first series about a month ago and wasn’t all that crazy about it (which I now know was the general feeling of the time); but a few days ago I was bored and thought I’d try the second. And lo and behold – I was hooked. The shrewd-Blackadder is a clear improvement over the twit-Blackadder and Rowan Atkinson is at his best (for me anyways. I watched Mr. Bean growing up and loved it – still do –but Blackadder is so much funnier). So…anyways, if you haven’t seen it – do. It’s absolutely hilarious, with Hugh Laurie’s upper class fop, Baldrick’s (Tony Robinson) cunning plans and dietary fixations, Miranda Richardson’s capricious, squeaky queen etc.

And here’s some quotes, for further convincing that this is a brilliant series, indeed worthy of anyone’s time 😛

Blackadder: I think I’ll write my tombstone – Here lies Edmund Blackadder, and he’s bloody annoyed.

George: If we do happen to step on a mine, Sir, what do we do?
B: Normal procedure, Lieutenant, is to jump 200 feet in the air and scatter oneself over a wide area.

B : If you can’t make money, you’ll have to marry it.
G : Marry? Never! I’m a gay bachelor, Blackadder, I’m a roarer, a rogerer, a gorger and a puker! I can’t marry, I’m young, I’m firm buttocked, I’m…
B : Broke?
G : Well, yes, I suppose so.
B : And don’t forget sir, that the modern church smiles on roaring and gorging within wedlock, and indeed rogering is keenly encouraged.
G : And the puking?
B : Mm. I believe still very much down to the conscience of the individual church-goer.

Percy: Oh, yes, I touched her once.
B: You touched her where?
P: In the corridor.
B: I’ve never heard it called that before.
 B: You’re a one, aren’t you?! When you should be whispering sweet conversational nothings like “Goodness, something twice the size of the Royal Barge has just hoved into view between the sheets”, you don’t say a word. But enter the Creature from the Black Latrine, and you won’t stop jabbering!   
Molly: He was treating me like a human being!
 B: Look, if I had wanted a lecture of the rights of man, I’d have gone to bed with Martin Luther!

 B: [about the dictionary] It’s the most pointless book since “How to Learn French”… was translated into French.

B: Baldrick, the slug is dead. If it failed to cling on to life, I see no reason why it should wish to cling on to your upper lip!
B: A pumpkin is going to save the king?
Baldrick: I will cover his real head with a cloak and balance the pumpkin on top and cut that off instead and the king survives.
B: I’m not sure it’s going to work, Baldrick. You see, when you’ve cut it off you have to hold it before the crowd and say “This is the head of a traitor,” at which point they will all shout “No, it isn’t. It’s a large pumpkin with a pathetic moustache drawn on it!”
 B: Ah, Melchett! Greetings! I trust Christmas brings you its traditional mix of good food and violent stomach cramp.
Melchett: And compliments of the season to you, Blackadder. May the Yuletide log slip from your fire and burn your house down.

Actually, you can find more here. I was tempted to put in all of them. Or most of them.


~ by ameer on July 3, 2011.

5 Responses to “Blackadder”

  1. Phew. Good job, Ameer! I was about to declare you decidedly lost in the damp and desolate marshes and swamps of American lametertainment, at least after that last post on ‘Bones’ and ‘Cougar Town’ and the like.

    It’s good to hear that you’re back onto terra firma. I’m anxiously looking forward to your take on Fawlty Towers, Yes Minister/Prime Minister, and Monty Python’s Flying Circus:)

    SPS (slithering post-scriptum): ‘Cougar Town’… really? I mean, I got the Friends/Scrubs nostalgia too, I like Courtney and Christa, but still… tssss.

    • :)) Fawlty Towers & Monty Python are, of course, brilliant – but I’ve watched those a couple of years ago so I won’t be writing about them. And besides, how can you know good from bad if you don’t go on the dark side once in a while? 😉

      And in defense of Cougar Town – how can you not like a huge glass of wine called Big Joe? 😛

      • Well, I bow to your exploratory mind (and I somehow envy your extraordinary patience thereby). Still, young padawan, don’t flatter yourself, going for the dark side involves a lot more conviction and mental practice: try watching a whole season of ‘Trazniti in Nato’ instead, for a complete experience of misery, lameness and despair. May the farce be with you.

  2. Finally. I’ve mentioned Blackadder at least four or five times on my blog, glad you caught on :]

    • heh, slow but steady, ca deobicei :))) Btw – am inceput (cam la 6 luni dupa ce mi’am propus) OZ. I think it’s the beginning of a beautiful friendship 😛

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