More ABCs

Cristi really made me work for this one – but it’s the fun kind of work ;). Same rules as before apply and, just so you know, some letters are annoyingly overcrowded and for some it was hard to even think of something…

Songs –> now with a (hopefully functional) playlist

A – Ava adore – Smashing Pumpkins
B – Blood like lemonade – Morcheeba
C – Cosmic Love – Florence & the Machine
D – Drive – REM
E – Everything will flow – Suede
F – Forever Young – Youth Group (I have a soft spot for the cover)
G – Gold lion – Yeah Yeah Yeahs
H – Happiness – Grant Lee Buffallo
I – If it be your will – Leonard Cohen
J – Just like heaven – The Cure
K – Know your onion – The Shins
L – Lack of color – Death Cab for Cutie
M – Motorcycle emptiness – Manic Street Preachers
N – No surprises – Radiohead
O – Only when I lose myself – Depeche Mode
P – Plug in baby – Muse
Q – Que mon coeur lache – Mylene Farmer
R – Rescue – Lucinda Williams
S – Slave to the wage – Placebo
T – Tranquilize – The Killers & Lou Reed
U – Unfinished Sympathy – Massive Attach
V – Voodoo – Godsmack
W – Who wants to live forever – Queen
X – X & Y -Coldplay
Y – You’ll see – Madonna
Z – Zombie – The Cranberries

TV Shows

Turns out – the 60 odd TV shows I watched don’t cover all the letters of the alphabet. I’m really quite surprised.

A – Arrested Development
B – Breaking Bad
C – Community
D – Desperate Hosewives
E – Everybody loves Raymond
F – Friends
G – Gilmore Girls
H – House
I – (The) Inbetweeners (actually, I’ve seen only a couple of episodes and didn’t like it, but I’ve got nothing else for I)
J – Jeeves & Wooster
K – BlacKadder
L – Lost
M – M*A*S*H
N – (The) Nanny
O – Oz
P – Pushing Dasies
Q – Quantum Leap
R – 30 Rock (technically it start with ‘T’, but I’m discounting the numbers, because that’s the only way I’ll ever fill out this list)
S – Sons of Anarchy
T – The Wire (yes, cheating again, but there’s only one spot for W)
U – Undeclared
V – Voltron
W – West Wing
X – SiX feet under
Y – How I met Your mother
Z – I’ve really got nothing here


A – American Beauty
B – Bandits (haven’t seen this one in ages, but for some weird reason, I used to love it)
C – Chocolat
D – Double Indemnity
E – Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind
F – Fight Club
G – 21 Grams
H – His girl Friday
I – In Bruges
J – Jezebel
K – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
L – (The) Lord of the Rings trilogy
M – Memento
N – No country for old men
O – (The) Odd Couple
P – Pulp Fiction
Q – (The) Quiet American
R – Reservoir Dogs
S – Sunset Blvd.
T – The Treasure of Sierra Madre
U – Usual Suspects
V – Vertigo
W – Wonder Boys
X – X-Men
Y – MontY PYthon & … various things
Z – Zodiac

I’ve no idea to whom I can pass this on…but if anyone wants to give it a shot -go right ahead 😀

~ by ameer on July 10, 2011.

2 Responses to “More ABCs”

  1. “Desperate Hosewives”

    very freud-ian of you :]

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