A long long time ago (to be more precise, in this particular case, long = 3 years) I wrote a very excited post about how I’d kept up the blogging for a whole year. Now I can say I’ve kept it up for 4 – but the excitement has gone down by something like 75%. I think it’s a kind of fatigue – I don’t have the same drive to write and, for the past few months, I’ve somehow slipped on my reading too (42 books for the year – since Shelfari is nice enough to count for me). I’m bored and tired – and I think this could be the headline for the whole 2011, since I started it in the same delightful mood. I probably just need a change of scenery and the drive to actually go and make one happen. Maybe by November 2012. Here’s hoping.

In the meantime, happy birthday to me – or rather, to Blog.

~ by ameer on November 23, 2011.

4 Responses to “4”

  1. That’s a shame. I really enjoyed it. Happy birthday to it, though!

  2. saturation, sweet frustration… that’s a pretty recurrent song in my head as well. my advice, if I may ever suggest one: compensate the loss or the lack of excitement with sheer curiosity, it’s a neat lever that pulls its weight and never breaks. oh, and LMA, Blog! 🙂

  3. Huzzah!

  4. you guys – thanks. for reading, for writing, for the wishes, the advice (always welcome) and for stopping by – since in other parts of the world it’s thanksgiving (or a little bit past) 😀

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